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Novocontact Loose Ring snaffle 12 mm single jointed - Sensogan
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Introducing the novocontact bits, ingeniously crafted to fashion a distinctive oval shape, magnifying the contact area on the tongue, all while the rider maintains an unwavering connection. With a simple rein action, the mouthpiece gracefully tilts forward, causing the contact area to elegantly narrow, thereby orchestrating a realm of refined and efficacious communication.

The realm of equine interaction finds profound enrichment with novocontact bits, fostering an enhanced communion between rider and steed, culminating in a more harmonious bit contact and an elevated level of acceptance.

Empirical evaluations have underscored the sterling suitability of single jointed novocontact bits for equines that are hesitant in embracing the contact. Furthermore, their prowess extends to horses endowed with sensitive mouths, offering the rider the capacity for finesse and gentle guidance.

At the very core of novocontact's innovation lies a foundation of cutting-edge scientific exploration, tailored to accommodate a diverse equine spectrum. Rigorously trialed and endorsed by both professional equestrians and leisure riders, these bits are offered in single and double jointed variations, solidifying their status as a universally beneficial solution.