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Heiniger Opal - Duo Accu
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The Opal stands out for its remarkably hushed operation, coupled with formidable performance features including dual speed settings. Delivering an impressive 3100 double strokes per minute in its high-speed mode and 2600 in the low-speed setting, this clipper effortlessly navigates through even the most challenging, thick coats with precision. Its advanced lithium-ion battery technology guarantees a wireless clipping experience lasting up to 240 minutes, and a swift one-hour recharge time. The built-in battery level indicator ensures a constant check on remaining battery life.

Designed with cutting-edge ergonomics, the Opal seamlessly fits into the hand, boasting a compact and lightweight build. This makes it an ideal tool for professionals engaging in grooming, veterinary practices, or styling dogs, horses, and cows, allowing for effortless and efficient work.


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